<body> ..weLc0mE t0 mY sPacE..
Friday, November 17, 2006

sorry to all the people affected with what I mentioned in my last post..

maybe I was in one of my 'moods' again..

honestly, I don't know why..

well, unless I see/feel/smell/taste/hear something that is annoying..

so, maybe that's why.. hmmHh..


Sunday, October 29, 2006

it all started by the time of 6:00 PM...
ate Karen and I went together to school...
>>wonder why??<<
'coz, it was the "SPOOKS" - the 'FRIGHT NIGHT'...
- managed by the 4th years of SSCW 2006-2007...
anyway..., we went to school, gave our tickets and waited for some classmates...
no classmates came YET... I mean, there were some already inside...
but, I don't wanna go there by myself.. so.., I waited for some people of my class to come...

5 minutes later...
FINALLY! Celestyn and Qia are finally there... at least, I wouldn't have to walk to the gym alone, right? anyway..., after they gave their tickets, we then walked to the gym...
When we were at the gym already, thats' s the time we saw the others (like, duh!) - NadZ, MabZ, CariSsa, DaNi, and much much more... When I saw Carissa, we went to the restroom and she put make-up on me.. like, mascara, eyeshadow.. you know, that stuff.. After that, we went to the center a.k.a. middle of the gym.. like, all us grade 6..
Wait.., you know, that part, was kinda "hulla-baloo", ok? >so let's move on< ...

After a few minutes, Nadine told us (i.e. Dani, Keiran, me, etc - all grade 6 >who are interested<, all except HHR) that Dianne told her that she is bored. On the contrary, we're having fun! So we went to where she is - outside the restroom.

We asked her, I mean, Dani and I asked her, "What are you doing here? What are you waiting for? Or, if not what, who?" .. She replied, "ehh.. sila.. ang tagal tagal.." Of course Dani and I (and others, perhaps) know that.., who she is waiting for, etc. Then Peaches and Janinne went out already. Peaches said, "badtrip sya, sino nang-badtrip sa kanya? Alam nyo sino?".. I raised an eyebrow and looked at Dani. I wanted to say, "As if! As if it isn't obvious? Are you blind?". I might've hit her in the face if I didn't take control of myself and if they hadn't walked away.

The rest of us grade 6 (i.e. Nadz, Mabz, Me, Dani, Kei, Bianca, etc) were so mad at them after that.., especially Nadz, Mabz, and Me. We wanted to kill them, you know that? RRRRRR!!! WE SO HATE THEM!! like, urrgh!!

So we went to the back of the gym - where we stayed for the rest of the night. Where we had fun too! We played wih the balloons, bought food, somethings (I don't know what it is called, eh) and so much more! We so had fun! Like, totally! Well, desppite those bad things, like, you know.. the................!!!!! Right!? heheh..

By 9:15...,
we went to the Pergola already.
Why? 'Cause Nadine's going already. Going home. Like, duh!
So, after 15 more minutes, Nadine was picked up already.
So, Mabel and I were left. I mean, we're the only ones left in the group (Nadz, Mabz, and Me).
What's to be sad about? Nothing. None at all.
Besides, Dani, Keiran, Carissa, Areel, Aibhlin, Camille, Bianca, Qia were still there.

Time passed.., we became fewer and fewer.
More time passed.., mom then picked us up. Us, as in, ate Karen and I. ok?

So, that's the end for that night!
So long and farewell! heehee.. :D



hello,welcome!to my thoughts.my words.my mind.
ok, here goes..
black.purple.blue.pink.those are my fave colors.
rock music.i l0ve thaT!iT rulEs my life.heheh.and, there is no way i would not like rock music!well, unless when it gets SUPER loud!
cuTesY sTuff.that is, stuff toys, most especially!heheh.
i'M ouTgoinG.iF y0u diDn't kn0w thaT!i'D liKe t0 g0 ouT anD seE thE worlD.buT riGht n0w, n0t mucH timE.
hmmHm.. thaT's alL foR n0w! thanKs!ü


i wiSh.. (:


.:Fam0uS lasT woRdS:. xDD

.:weLc0mE t0 thE bLacK paRadE:. xDD

.:thE KilL:. xDD

.:sLeiGh ridE oR sLeiGh belLs:. xDD

.:8 dAyS oF ChRisTmaS:. xDD

.:anThEm oF ouR dYinG daY:. xDD

.:m0utH shuT:. xDD

.:eveRyThinG i'M noT:. xDD

.:m0theR m0theR:. xDD

.:cHaSinG caRs:. xDD

.:oveR mY hEaD:. xDD

.:tHe ResCuE:. xDD

.:h0w t0 savE a liFe:. xDD

.:viNdicaTeD:. xDD

.:bLuE sKy:. xDD

.:mY fRiEndS oveR y0u:. xDD